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Shoe Repair | San Juan Shoe Repair

Consumers today seemingly focus more on replacing their damaged shoes and boots than seeking out a qualified shop that can offer...

Shoe Shine | San Juan Shoe Repair

We know a thing or two about how hard people in McAllen work during the day, which is why we've long offered a shoe shine service...

Custom Boots | San Juan Shoe Repair

Whether our shoppers want to admit it or not, it's likely that they have one foot that measures longer than the other. They might even...

At San Juan, our custom boots can be adjusted to meet any specification our customers require. Call us at (956) 283-1582, or come on in today!

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A Commitment to Great Value Throughout Our Business

Our customers in McAllen are traditionally hardworking, blue collar Texans who need great boots, and great repairs, that can be paired with a long-term commitment to value. We accommodate this need in a few unique ways, each of them designed to meet our clients' needs. First and foremost, we offer an industrial discount to local employers when their employees choose our store for their entire boot and repair needs. Our professional team has the right combination of practical experience and sales knowledge, and that means they can easily assess whether or not a boot is providing the right safety and durability for the company's tasks. Beyond that, we offer lifetime free shoelace replacement, free boot oiling, and affordable repairs.

No Issue is Too Big for San Jan Professionals

There's a feeling among many consumers that serious damage to their footwear is cause for replacement, rather than cause for repair. This feeling probably arises from the mainstream media and commercial advertising campaigns, which value new shoes over those that get repairs. Even so, our customers almost always have a problem that we can easily fix at a fraction of the price. Our professional team has been on the job for years, working with customers from all industries and from all budgetary backgrounds to afford them high quality, affordable repairs that extend the life of their shoes significantly. Whether it's a full sole repair, a half sole repair, or something else, be sure to come to us before heading out to a retail store and replacing the shoes entirely.

We'll Make Shoes Look Good, Too

While our professional team is most often asked to repair shoes or to customize a new pair of boots, we're also able to shine shoes and make them look great. This is an excellent service for industrial professionals who have someone that they simply need to impress while on the job. Whether it's a visit from upper management or something else, the shine we give to shoes in the McAllen area is as legendary as it is affordable. Trust our long-running commitment to quality and affordability whenever it's time to look good and word hard.