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About Us | San Juan Shoe Repair : Lopezville, TX

The areas of Texas that lie just across the Rio Grande from Mexico have long been hailed as some of the hardest working, most industrial areas of the country. Far from the oil-tinged industries located further north in our state, the communities around McAllen are associated with farming, manufacturing, and the kind of work that demands a great boot and a great repair store. San Juan is that store for customers in this area.

Quick Repairs Keep People Working Efficiently

Since we first began serving local customers with repair services, we've focused intently on providing the fastest repairs in McAllen. We accomplish this by not only working very hard, but also by employing the most seasoned boot repair team anywhere in the southern part of Texas. That allows us to work very quickly without sacrificing the quality or longevity of our repair, resulting in a big win-win situation for our customers.

Our repairs are offered on boots and shoes, and they can fix issues with the sole and several other issues that commonly occur to shoes while on the job. Our vast amount of experience allows us to easily answer customer questions and perform custom services, as well.

Custom Shoes and a Great Value Every Day

We can customize any boot to meet the unique needs of our customers, whether that means resizing the sole or adding additional layers of protection to keep feet safe, dry, and away from the heat. Furthermore, our free laces, free oiling, and industrial discounts all make us the most affordable option in McAllen and the surrounding communities. We consider this part of our commitment to the community and recognition that hard work and heavy industry demands an affordable, high-quality shoe store and boot repair outlet.

To learn more about our services, or to see our large selection of Red Wing boots that are available for sale, be sure to stop by our location in nearby Lopezville today. We're happy to discuss any repair or potential sale, and we'll even often a 30-day warranty on most of our services!