Custom Boots

We offer professional repair and boot service at prices that are below the competition.

We Will Even Make You Custom Boots

Custom Boots | San Juan Shoe Repair : Lopezville, TX

Whether our shoppers want to admit it or not, it's likely that they have one foot that measures longer than the other. They might even have one foot that measure wider than the other. Perhaps their arches or inclines are different. This can make wearing the same boot on each foot quite painful, at least until the customer realizes that we make custom boots.

At San Juan, we offer custom boots that can be designed and modified to meet any customer's unique needs and measurements. We can even outfit boots with better materials and protection than their off-the-shelf construction. That all adds up to a great shoe that will withstand the rigor of everyday work and ensure the comfort of our customers.

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From new soles to better materials and different measurements, our customized boots are perfect for workers in the McAllen area and beyond. Stop by our location today to learn more about our services, custom boots, prices, and our quick commitment to quality results.